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Hyper-V Has Not Been Installed on Computer ‘localhost’ Error - Solved

Are you getting Hyper-V Has Not Been Installed on Computer 'Localhost' error and do you want to solve the problem in a easy manner? In this tutorial learn about the solution and the requirements for fixing the Hyper V error on Windows 8 operating system.

The Hyper-V is the essential for running the various types of guest OS virtual machines on our Windows 8 operating system and the Windows 8 has the in build Hyper V but many users still getting the error message "Hyper-V Has Not Been Installed on Computer 'Localhost' error" and this means your computer still requires some specifications and the features to run the Microsoft's Hypervisor software.

System Requirements to Run the Hyper-V

  •  Windows 8 OS 64 bit version.
  • Make sure you have a processor with the Virtualization Technology (VT).
  • Second level Address Translation (SLAT).
  • 4 GB  RAM for better performance.

If you have those hardware requirements and still facing the problem then you may not activated them on the BIOS and so enable them. [Learn here about how to enable Virtualization Technology (vt-x) in BIOS]

You can check whether your system has the Second level Address Translation (SLAT) and other facilities or not by the Microsoft's Coreinfo software. You can download the software from the official Microsoft website http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/cc835722

After downloading the Coreinfo on your computer, run the command prompt as the administrator and run the command Coreinfo.exe -v.

HYPERVISOR * Hypervisor is present
VMX * Supports Intel hardware-assisted virtualization
EPT * Supports Intel extended page tables <SLAT>

The symbol * means that the feature is present.
If you get the symbol - then it means your computer didn't have that specific feature.

If you get the above output then your computer has all the requirements and you won't face the error message anymore. Remember that you will get the error message on the 32 bit version of the Window 8 even you have all the requirements for running the Hyper-V.

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