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Why the Java games not working after moving to another device?

Are your java games and applications becomes invalid after sending or moving from your mobile to another mobile phone? Learn how to send Java games to another  mobile and make them work.

Why Java Apps becomes invalid after sending them to another cell phone?

If your java apps becomes invalid after transferring them to other devices then all the java Apps that you have in your computer/cell phone are in .jad format. Once my friend download .jad format java games on my mobile and transferred them to this cell phone via changing the memory card but all game files becomes invalid. The .jad format java files works only on the device which it had been downloaded. If you want the java games to work on all java enabled devices then you have to download the .jar format java games and apps, it will work on all java devices but the screen size should be same otherwise you can't view the full game or the game screen will be small.

Where to download .jar java files?

Unfortunately, most of the websites allows only the .jad format java Apps for downloading and fewer wapsites such as peperonity.com, wapka.mobi etc.,. has the .jar formats. The .jar java games downloaded on the 240x320 screen mobile phone will work on the 128x128 screen cell phone but half part of the game can't be seen due the smaller size. The .jar java games downloaded on the 128x128 will be shown fully on the 240x320 mobile phone but the game will not open in full screen but this do not apply to the java browsers. The .jar Java browsers fits well on all devices irrespective of the screen size. Both the .jar and .jad format of a App are same and just the file format differs. The flash games (.swf) are the other format of Apps which can be send to other devices and works.

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