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Dragon, Fly! (Android)

Dragon, Fly! for Android (Cost: $0.00)

  • Single Player: 8/10
  • Multi-Player: 2/10
  • Graphics: 8/10
  • Gameplay: 9/10
  • Overall: 6.75/10

Dragon, Fly! is a pretty addicting game for Android.  You take control of the baby dragon as you roll down hills and fly through the sky to get away from the Mom dragon.  The game doesn't require complex button mashing or anything like that.  All you have to be able to do to be successful in this game is just know when the right time to put your finger on the screen.  When you put your finger on the screen, the baby dragon goes down.  So you want to time it out just right so you hit the hills on their downward slopes.  Then once you hit the trough of the hills, you let go of the screen and your baby dragon goes flying through the sky.  The more times you travel smoothly through the hills, the faster you go.  As time goes along, the Mom dragon gets faster and faster, so you have to be even better at hitting the hills the right way.  On your travels through the hills, there's speed vials that are colored blue.  You want to hit those.  They'll speed you up considerably.  There's also diamonds which give you bonus points.  Sometimes it's wise to pick those up.  But don't focus too much on them.  Sometimes you'll find yourself more worried about hitting the diamonds that you will end up slowing your self down by hitting the upward slopes of the hills.  Dragon, Fly! has different levels, which they call "Realms", that you go through.  Each one gets a little harder and longer than the previous one.  The game ends when the Mom finally catches up to you.  Then your score is shown, along with your rank.  To get ranks, you just have to be above a certain amount of points.  (Right now, I'm in the top 5% of the world! </selfbrag>)  You're also shown different challenges that help you level up your dragon.  For instance, in one of the challenges, you have to only get one speed vial in the first 4 realms.  That's a pretty challenging one.  Once you finish all the challenges required to level up, you get a new colored dragon and you get more of a head start from the Mom.
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It's fun to sit around with friends and see who can get the highest score.  It has almost no inclusion of any Multi-Player action though.  All it lets you do is look up high scores.  You can see high score lists for Global, Your Country, Your City and Your Postal Code.  It would be nice if they built a multi-player game where you could see your friends dragon racing along side you.
The graphics are Angry Birds-esque.  Dragon, Fly! has a very cartoony feel.  They're very sharp.  We haven't experience any sort of lag or anything like that.  The gameplay, like we mentioned earlier, is pretty easy.  Just tapping the screen is all that's required.  It's just tapping the screen at the right times.
Our overall score on this one should be a lot higher, because the game really is fun and addicting.  However the lack of Multi-Player brought it down quite a bit.  If you don't care for Multi-Player, then this game would be an 8.5-9.

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