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Photography: Press the Shutter and Done?

How hard can it be to take pictures? Buy an expensive D-SLR, glance through the manual, and you’re basically a pro, right? If only it were that easy.

Some people look into online
universities when they want to take a photography class.

There is a lot involved in photography that is behind the scenes even before a shoot. When I am asked to do a shoot I normally prepare before the shoot for about three hours. This mainly includes research and setting up my shots. Research is an important part in photography. Research broadens my perspective and forces me to think out side of the box while I am shooting. There are many resources available for a photographer. Subscribe to a photography magazine, research on the Internet, and get in contact with other photographers. Researching will not only help with your next shoot but it will also help you grow as a photographer.

Setting up a shoot is vitally important even if it is outdoors or in a familiar place. Just because you have been there does not mean you are ready to shoot there. There is nothing more frustrating for you or your clients for you to not be prepared. Knowing where you want your subject, what positions you would like them in, how the lighting is at the particular time you are going will not only speed up your session but will also help your clients feel at ease which will make them more comfortable in front of the camera. If you are unsure, your unpreparedness will show in your shots.

Preparing also includes thinking ahead. Will it be sunny? Should I bring an umbrella to shade the sun from my subject’s face from awkward shadows? If your subject is taller than you it may be wise to bring a small stool. Little things can be the most obnoxious annoyances! I found that keeping a small box around either in my car or at the location of the shoot with things that might be useful to be very helpful. My box has things such as: bug spray, bobby pins, hair spray, tissues, safety pins, wet naps, etc.

Being prepared wont guarantee a successful shoot but it will be much less stressful for you as the photographer.

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